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UDS know-how and camos software simplifys the preparation of offers for complex silo technology at IBAU Hamburg

That’s UDS

Challenge us! We are curious about you and your projects

Sand is money

Consistent processing of scanned terrain data in Germany’s first deep-water harbour

Your software project is our business

Your goal is our goal: the best possible IT solution for your task. The solution that still works perfectly the day after tomorrow. We love software projects that challenge our logic and creativity – for databases, networking, simulation, design or totally different purposes.

Customer comments

“The customers always come to us when it gets complicated.”

Torsten Schmidt, long-standing UDS TAPERED ROOF user
PHILIPPINE GmbH & Co. Daemmstoffsysteme KG

„We have been with UDS for so many years and are just as satisfied as we were on day one.”

Oliver Heess, Head of IT application technology
HPA - Hamburg Port Authority


… that’s what you and your challenges are. So we go beyond any standards to find the ideal way for you.


… are there so we can learn. We have made many mistakes in the last 30 years. Today you benefit from our experience.


… develops from knowledge and activity. The UDS team knows a lot, learns more each day and implements what they learn – again and again, every day.


… is the first step towards a good answer. That is why we listen – in our team and in talks with you. For top quality.