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New management at UDS GmbH

As of 01.04.2021, Dipl.-Inf. Thomas Martin has taken over the management of the Hamburg-based company UDS Urbane Daten-Systeme GmbH.

Mr. Martin has thus succeeded Dipl.-Ing. Roman Börnchen, who since the foundation of the company in February 1985 - initially alongside Dipl.-Ing. Eckart Urban and Dipl.-Inform. Peter-Alexis Kasten - most recently alongside Dipl.-Inf. Thomas Martin as managing director of UDS GmbH.
"Roman Börnchen was not only a good boss to me for many years, but above all an excellent teacher. I was able to learn a lot from him and I am very grateful for that. I am pleased about the trust that he and the team of UDS GmbH have placed in me as their new managing director. In recent years, it has become more and more my desire not only to work here, but also to have a say in the fate of the company in a managerial capacity. I am looking forward to mastering the associated economic challenges and also to assuming social responsibility for the employees," says Thomas Martin about the completed change.

The new man is no stranger

Thomas Martin has been part of the UDS GmbH team for 20 years. His career path to software developer and managing director was by no means linear. "Actually, I wanted to study medicine like my father. The field of radiology fascinated me back then. But computer science has also always been one of my special areas of interest," says Martin. After graduating from high school in 2000, the native of Wismar initially began studying electrical engineering at the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg, but after four semesters he finally decided to change his major and study computer science at the University of Hamburg-Stellingen. The right decision, as soon became apparent.

The spirit of UDS GmbH

Working while studying was necessary and important for Thomas Martin, and he still remembers well a job posting on the bulletin board of the TU Hamburg-Harburg. Other companies were looking for students who should already have all kinds of expertise and many years of experience to offer, UDS GmbH, on the other hand, wanted one thing above all: a student temp who enjoyed programming. Thomas Martin could and wanted exactly that! He applied, got the job and stayed. The technical work, the opportunity to work independently and creatively on projects, but also the appreciation that was (and is) shown to the individual employee in this company corresponded exactly to his ideas.
At UDS GmbH, great importance has always been attached not only to professional competence, but also to social interaction. Then as now, it is not only about excellent work results, but great care is taken to ensure that the people in the UDS team feel comfortable and enjoy their professional activities.
This lived mixture of good professional performance and friendly interaction ensured that Thomas Martin stayed with UDS. "Under this premise, software development is great! You work on different interesting projects and can solve the problems that arise independently, but you are also part of the team - even as a student. This way of working is still part of the corporate philosophy at UDS today." It is not surprising that Martin would like to continue exactly this.
"The fact that UDS delivers very good work professionally is a basic prerequisite for the success we have. Constant communication at eye level is an important factor in the teamwork at UDS. Without this premise, we would not be able to successfully execute our complex projects."

Meeting the challenges constructively

The pandemic caused by the Corona virus, but also political and economic imponderables - like many other companies, UDS GmbH is exposed to all of these. Thomas Martin, as the new Managing Director, is nevertheless optimistic about the future: "In fact, I am looking forward to being able to react to external influences - even negative ones - and to making the best of them. Of course, we are facing a variety of new problems. I am confident that we will be able to respond to them creatively with new processes. Due to the practically 'forced' digitalization, we now have the chance to contribute our know-how, combined with state-of-the-art technologies in the field of software development, in the best possible way for all parties involved."
In this respect, the UDS team has a lot to offer. Having been active in a wide variety of areas in recent years - from interface programming to data migrations, porting and complex overall solutions to classic GIS and CAD applications - the company is now very much focused on its core product: a software for automatic sloped roof design.There is a lot to doCurrent topics such as BIM (Building Information Modeling or structural data modeling) are also on the agenda at UDS GmbH. "This special know-how is new to our portfolio and will be offered in the future as a fixed consulting service for companies and authorities," says Thomas Martin.As a long-standing partner of the U.S. company Autodesk, UDS GmbH will continue to offer the sale of these products and also consulting and training for them, in addition to managing the licenses. "Especially the combination of consulting, training and support beyond the license purchase is worth a lot to our customers."

There is one more piece of good news

Roman Börnchen will no longer remain with the company as managing director, but as a shareholder and freelance sales expert in the medium term: "I am pleased that we can continue to rely on his many years of experience as an expert in civil engineering and sales for at least the next two years," says Thomas Martin. This ensures trouble-free business processes as well as a smooth transition for the customers of UDS.

Dipl.-Inf. Thomas Martin is the new Managing Director of UDS GmbH