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Customer comments

„We have been with UDS for so many years and are just as satisfied as we were on day one.”

Oliver Heess, Head of IT application technology
HPA - Hamburg Port Authority

Your partner for software projects

People are the best resource for successful projects. People who know a lot and are happy to learn. People who work hard and enjoy laughing with each other. People who know the rules and are passionate about overriding them. People who always listen, because they want to understand. The people from UDS bring experience from their studies, profession and projects with them and are always looking for a better solution. At UDS, successful customer projects are always a success for the team – and they are happy to celebrate them appropriately. Logic is top priority at UDS, which is why we are happy to think outside the box here. Don’t forget that 95 per cent of all UDS customers are repeat customers. In short, you’re on the right path with UDS.

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