Complex tapered roofs are easy to cover.

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Tapered roof software

Tapered roofs are demanding constructions: Expensive insulation material must be perfectly prepared for the respective roof with as little waste as possible, loaded onto the truck to save space and laid in the shortest possible time. Our tapered roof software solutions are the result of our many years of collaboration with leading insulation manufacturers. We adapt the solution perfectly to your requirements.

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The solution for insulation suppliers is customized and offers (almost) infinite planning options.

UDS Dach Expert


The online solution for sales, customers and architects: Many clever automatisms, intelligent processing options.

UDS Dach online

Individual. Comprehensive. Intelligent.


UDS DACH EXPERT is ideal for insulation manufacturers. From layout plan design to the placement of drainage and collision objects to complex calculations - the software can do it all. We adapt it individually to your needs. Whether crickets, hip- and valley boards, your portfolio is available for assignment. The algorithm optimizes offcuts and work processes. In short: the perfect solution for your wallet and our environment.

In combination with UDS DACH ONLINE, UDS DACH EXPERT proves to be a productivity booster: your sales department and/or your customers are guided safely through the planning steps in the web browser. The patented algorithm also calculates complex roofs - a basis for detailed planning based on standard materials.

In Kombination mit UDS DACH ONLINE erweist sich UDS DACH EXPERT als Produktivitätsbooster: Ihr Vertrieb und/oder Ihre Kunden werden im Web-Browser sicher durch die Planungsschritte geführt. Der patentierte Algorithmus berechnet auch komplexe Dächer - eine Grundlage für die Detailplanung auf Basis von Standardmaterialien.

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Guaranteed quality

We analyse processes

ISO standards are the cornerstone of quality assurance in our software development. They help us to standardize processes, minimize errors and ensure data security. The ISO 9001 standard enables us to maintain the highest quality standards, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

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UDS roof online

The fast solution for standard-compliant determination of the covering of your tapered roofs: UDS DACH ONLINE runs in any web browser. You create the dimensioned roof shape, add drainage and collision objects and select the evaluations. On request, you can receive a 3D plan, which you can also process in the BIM model, as well as a height plan with start and end heights, DIN-compliant R-value determination and part lists.

UDS DACH ONLINE is suitable for anyone who wants to create a cost estimate themselves. Thanks to the precise payment system, you only ever pay for the services you actually use.

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Tapered roof software in the cloud


Philippine GmbH optimizes its individual planning, production and delivery processes efficiently and sustainably with the know-how of UDS GmbH.

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TILED ROOF SOFTWARE for those in a hurry


A complex tapered roof with collision objects and drainage cannot be covered more perfectly and quickly - get to know UDS DACH ONLINE.

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