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The UDS GmbH has a new telephone number.

Your software project is our business

Your goal is our goal: the best possible IT solution for your task. The solution that still works perfectly the day after tomorrow. We love software projects that challenge our logic and creativity – for databases, networking, simulation, design or totally different purposes.

Customer comments

“The customers always come to us when it gets complicated.”

Torsten Schmidt, long-standing UDS TAPERED ROOF user
PHILIPPINE GmbH & Co. Daemmstoffsysteme KG

„We have been with UDS for so many years and are just as satisfied as we were on day one.”

Oliver Heess, Head of IT application technology
HPA - Hamburg Port Authority


… that’s what you and your challenges are. So we go beyond any standards to find the ideal way for you.


… are there so we can learn. We have made many mistakes in the last 30 years. Today you benefit from our experience.


… develops from knowledge and activity. The UDS team knows a lot, learns more each day and implements what they learn – again and again, every day.


… is the first step towards a good answer. That is why we listen – in our team and in talks with you. For top quality.