Talent transfair '23

UDS is looking for new employees and took part in "talent transfair 2023" at Kiel UAS on November 15, 2023.

On November 15, we were - for the first time - with a stand at the "talent transfair 2023" at Kiel University of Applied Sciences. The fair takes place twice a year, alternating between the University of Applied Sciences (in November) and Kiel University (in May). It is mainly aimed at students looking for an internship or working student job and graduates looking for a job. We were delighted to be there and were able to meet some interesting and interested students and make various contacts on this day. Among other things, the fair gave us an insight into the various aspects of studying computer science at Kiel UAS and Kiel University, the knowledge, focus and interests of the students and the opportunity to network with other exhibitors and visitors.

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